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The Department is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. It also participates in the teaching of allied Disciplines such as Theatre Nurses. There are two main teaching platforms for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching; one in Durban and the other in Pietermaritzburg. It offers general and qualifications in Surgery and teaches postgraduate students for Specialist degrees which are assessed y the College of Surgeons of South Africa. Furthermore it offers training for “Fellows” undergoing training in the subspecialties 

Research is one of the important areas of prominence for the Department. The Department regards itself as the “Cutting Edge of Medicine” in the sense that it is an academic home for critical thought, academic development and research enterprise. One of the objectives is to advance African Scholarship through locally relevant and community directed research. 

                                                           SEMINARS IN SURGERY 


Date: 9 June 2017

Venue: VC1, 

Time 07:15


Presenters & Topics 

1. Dr Gxobole - Oesophageal Perforation

2. Dr Hassamal - Stab Heart 

3.Dr Rugnath - Cholecystitis Issues 

4. Dr Naicker - Aortic Hiatal Control 


Date:   18 August 2017

Venue: VC1, 

Time 07:15


Presenters & Topics 

1. Dr Ntola  - Small bowel ischaemia

2. Dr Chiliza - Retroperitoneal sarcoma

3.Dr Ramasawmy - Thyroid lymphoma




Date: 10 June 2017

Topic: Surgery for Hypertension

Venue: VC1, Time 07:45


Drs Shersingh, Jafta and Ramasawmy

Moderator: Mr MZ Sheik


Date: 19th August 2017


Venue: VC1, Time 07:45

Drs R Hassamal, VC Ntola, MFF Elfirgani

Moderator : Dr SP Maharaj


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