Skills Course

Skills Course

This is a 3-day course and it is designed to provide an introduction to safe surgical practice within a controlled workshop environment. The course is aimed at Senior House Officers and Junior Registrars.

The Course Covers:-

DAY 1: Basic surgical techniques (theatre etiquette, handling instruments, knot-tying, suturing, bowel anastomosis)
DAY 2: (Vascular anastomoses: Arteriotomy & closure, Vein patch graft)
Trauma and orthopedics ( drainage & debridement, tendon repair, plastering techniques)
DAY 3: Minimal access surgery (instrumentation, grasping & manipulation, clipping & loop ligation, diathermy)

For enquiries regarding Surgical skills courses Contact our Administrator:
Chantel Mathe
Tel: (031) 260 4219

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